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Some time ago, while I was headed South on I-5, outside Bakersfield CA, a flying saucer made several passes over the roof of my car. I did look out my window and could see an array of circular lights on the disk as it was approximately at each pass about 100 feet from the roof of my car. I did not stop and maintained a speed of 60 mph as I was extremely afraid, but at the same time curious. This happened in a time frame of about 15 minutes. The saucer would sway out from my cars roof to 45 degrees to the side of the car at 200 feet then swing back over my roof. It then would go to the other side of my car at about 45 degrees to an altitude of 200 feet again. The diameter of the saucer was approximately 50 feet.

I was outside of the city limits of Bakersfield driving along the I-5 an oddly I was the only car on the freeway headed South. I did not notice any traffic headed North bound either?

Was this an attempt by aliens to abduct me? Yet they elected not to EMP my car, because I would have crashed. Do you think they were waiting for me to stop the car? The year was 2002.


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