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The battle of the Divine vs the nonDivine continues

In one of my many lives I may have been Mary Magdalene, but no one needs to believe that until there is scientific proof. In 2004 I set out to find my bones. and prove reincarnation. During a past life regression I had been shown that I was beheaded in Southern France. My hope was to find my 2000 year old bones and with the science of today, look for a genetic signature between my bones back then and my bones today. I was led to a spot in the outskirts of Bonnieux. In 2008 I returned and hired a man Damien Totkatlian, to go over the ground with GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar). Damien disappeared with the test results and equipment of Senns Logging. ( Damien has resurfaced on line after winning an award for the special olympics in Italy, but I have not made contact) When I returned to the states the equity line of credit I was using to fund my project was closed and I have been too poor to continue. But something has been found by the owner of the property. A trunk with a small bound book, smaller than the Nag Hammadi. Three psychics have said I won't be allowed to see the book, and one has said it will change. Christianity. I believe I will see it, but have not been able to raise the money necessary to return. There are many stories about a relationship between Mary Magdalene and 'Jesus". From my past life regressions this is what I have been shown. This information comes from spontaneous regressions and also regressions with a therapist acquired over a period of years. I have met in my present life, all those from that time 2000 ago and am rewriting a memoir.

In the early morning hours of 1998, having just awakened, I relived a scene from a past life. I was lying spread eagle on a large cart, my arms were chained, and I was completely numb, clinging only to a whisper of life. My soul had plunged to a place way beyond fear. Only a feeling of wanting to be with the man that I loved remained. I knew he was there, watching, and all I wanted was to be with him. I was on my feet, more dead than alive, approaching the henchman. As I stood before him, my eyes reached deep into his. I knew he would remember this moment forever. There had been a trial, the charges against me were false, created by a ruling family who simply wanted me out of the way. I was innocent, yet it would take another 2000 years before I understood that they simply wanted my beloved Yochanan to wed their daughter. My lawyer had poured his heart and soul into my defense. There was a tie vote and now it was up to one magistrate... GUILTY he announced.Two lives were to perish that day, as I was three months pregnant. Yochanan and I had been together for several years, and we wanted a child, so we climbed through an ancient forest to the cave of a fertility Goddess, known today as Sainte Baume. Soon a new life blossomed within me. We were so happy, so in love and delighted with our longed for baby.

I had been pregnant before with another man that I loved deeply. I adored him. We had met at a brothel. He would enter my room, number 5, sit on the bed, while I remained standing and fully dressed.... and we talked. I was so grateful that he did not want sexual favors. I hated my life at the brothel, and he knew it. I could understand his teachings better than the rest, and soon left the brothel to follow him. He immediately recognized me in the crowd, and called me to be close to him. I longed to have that special time alone with him, as we had had at the brothel, but he was immensely busy. Then there was one magical day, we were alone playing, and running around rocks. All of a sudden we were embracing, then making love, and from that union Sarah was conceived. He named her. It was hard to think about that other time. I tried not to. I was just two months pregnant when he was crucified. We were in the hills, that today surround the cemetery of Gethsemane, watching a grotesque event take place. I could not believe or accept what was happening. There were 20 or 30 of his followers at the cross, but most of us, the ones closest to him including his mother, were in the surrounding hills. We were too afraid to come out from our hiding places. We had developed a plan to save him, and soon they all raced off the hill. His mother came to me and asked me to join them, but I alone stayed back. I couldn't leave him. My heart and soul were with him. There were three who were to die that day, he between the other two. As I watched a Roman soldier with a poisoned lance approached him and cut his side. I was too far away to see details, but soon they were lowering the cross with him on it. I knew what that meant. I raced off and found Peter who returned, looked, and then he raced off to tell the others. How can this be happening! This can't happen. I can’t lose him. What will I do? How can I go on living without him. I fainted. I didn't know it then, but would soon learn that the man with the lance, I knew well. He had been a client of mine in the brothel. Though married to another woman, Yishmael loved me, and I felt love for him too. He would come to the brothel often. In fact I had been pregnant with his child which I aborted before I left to follow Adonai . My life at the brothel had become more tolerable once Adonai entered into it. I was falling in love and looked forward to his visits. I understood the wisdom of his teaching better than the rest, and was so grateful that he didn't want sexual favors. When I left the brothel to follow Adonai, Yishmael became enraged. He hated Adonai and wanted him dead, so when the opportunity presented itself, he took it. After the crucifixion Yishmael found me alone. I was dazed and in profound grief. He raped me... I told no one. We returned to those hills to watch Adonai’s burial. This was in a place that today is known as the cemetery of Gethsemane.

There was a caravan of those going to Alexandria. The trip was long and arduous. Seven months later I was in a bed in the middle of a large room with marble walls of amber color. I was giving birth to Sarah. A girl!!! A beautiful girl with flaming red hair, but there were those who had wanted her to be a boy. After Alexandria we traveled to Mallorca and then to the shores of Les Saintes Marie de la Mer. 12 years had passed since that fate full time, and new life had been given to me. Yochanan and I had fallen in love, however our happiness would not be lasting.

My regression therapist, Susan Fisher, asked me to remain watching after I was beheaded. Shimon raced over to gather my head. Yochanan was kneeling before my headless body which had been thrown into a trench. He reached for and gave a little tug to free an object i had tied to my waist, a memory, a memento. This he combined with a love note, and a memento of his own. He placed these three tokens in a metal box and took his treasure back to the cave of the fertility Goddess. Immersed in tremendous grief and profound loss he thought about Miriam. They had loved each other deeply and had been so happy when they traveled to this cave a short three months earlier,, but now what remained he carried in a metal box, wrapped in immense grief. Yochanan climbed to the very top of the cave, placed his treasure beneath a stone and erected a shrine. Today this shrine is known as Saint Pilon. The locals don't know who or why this shrine was built... but now we do.

There is a reason why I write this story now. A man named Jesus was never nailed to a cross. The letter J did not exist back then. According to the Gospel of Mary Magdalene translated by Jean Yves Leloup, he was referred to as Yeshua from which the English translation is Jesus. During my regression the name Adonai was written out. When i look at the consciousness of Yeshua, or Jesus it is in a different place than the consciousness of the man on the cross. Why? In 2008, before returning to France, I met a man whose name is Solar. He is a magnificent creation of the Pleiadians, but he doesn't have a drop of Divine energy in him. If he appears on the world stage he will announce to the world that he is the second coming of Jesus... and he has the same consciousness as Yeshua or Jesus. He will also proclaim to the world how wonderful the Et's are and will invite them to live openly amongst us. This will be another enormous attempt toward the non Divine Et's control of humanity. The Anunnaki and other non Divine Et's want to control us. Mother Earth is trying desperately to raise our vibration to the 5th dimension. The Anunnaki's plan is to prevent this from happening. Why? They have no where else to go. They will become extinct. All the cell phones and cell towers with their radiation, chem trails, ionization of our skies, our fluoridated water. the wars, our internet, insecticides and herbicides... the list goes on and on, are here to keep us from raising our vibration... Will we let them succeed? We must dress in the garments of spiritual warriors, and ask daily the Divinity within to guide us in what we must do to reclaim our beautiful Mother. We must also shed the dress of martyr and put on a cloak of victory.

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