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Poster boy, two things: I have HAD lucid waking dreams, hallucinations. It is likely that the astral realm is a corollary to the dream state. After all, the Shaman is in an alternate state of mind, which is JUST AS REAL as this World, but, in the mind. This ALSO INCLUDES THE REALITY of the higher Mind establishing a pattern for the (shamanic) practitioner. It is the SECRET PLACE of prophets, visionaries and plain old schizophrenics. I consider myself FORTUNATE to be a schizophrenic, because I have touched and have been touched by a State of Mind that only SOME experience. This is NOT TO SAY that such states CANNOT happen to ANYONE. Illness, disorientation, drugs and severe head damage open up these states.

The concept of hallucinations, as ascribed by doctors, does NOT COVER all of the causes of such states occuring to anyone in particular. In the YouTube video "Stroke of Genius" the lady entered an altered state during a stroke. She was lucky that she did not die, as my father did in 1988.

Now, you should consider how important your mission is to write about a Canine. It is your drive to express yourself. Do the best that you can.

I write here on GHMB because I consider how I may help someone to thrive in their pursuits. I spent 15 years in a twelve-step society, and shared my processes with others. That was all worth living.

Today, I am free to discuss anything at all. That's my story.

Two types of hallucinations:




I am right now watching a Great Courses DVD about Mind Body Philosophy. It says that Sensory deprivation can catalyze the visions and heard sounds due to a lack of outside impetus. Your brain fills in the gaps.

My visual and auditory experiences were "Real" to me. That much I remember. Since I'm taking medications, I don't veer toward the excesses anymore; yet I duly remember everything I went through those years past.

Here is, though I am not endorsing nor am I involved with, the California Institute of Integral Studies. Information only:


This is my last entry on this thread:

Wavy lines
And Concentric patterns

These are found on ancient structures in Asia and Europe. These are likely hallucinogenic images.

Last word:

There is NO DEFINITE proof of any of this. Take it as it is, not what it should be.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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