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I had a strange experience that I’m not sure I should share. I’ve been really sick the last few days with a high fever and gastrointestinal bacteria that had messed me up.

So a coupla nights back, I woke up in the middle of the night needing to go to the toilet, badly sick with E. Coli. I woke up and realized the power (electricity) was out. It was pitch dark, couldn’t see my own hand. Tried reaching for my phone and flashlight, and then realized you need light to find light.

I was completely disoriented in this darkness under drugs, and began to trip, almost fell. So I thought I’d just crawl. Less chance of hurting yourself in that position. But I had to go… urgently.

And then I saw a gentle light in the darkness. It was the family dog, Ginger. She had a soft glow about her, just prancing and wagging her tail with her tongue hanging out that waved to me. Wanting me to follow her. Didn’t think twice about it. Just the ambient light reflecting off her fur.

She took me to the bathroom. And I did my thing, came back to bed and went to sleep. Just highly drugged. Used the bar soap and a towel. Felt better, went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up 6 hours later and remembered that Ginger died 3 months ago. I put it down to a hallucinatory dream I had had last light.

Until I went back to the bathroom, found the bar soap still kinda wet, the towel still damp. And my phone and flashlight were in my bag, not in the places where I had looked for the previous night while blinded. I had fallen asleep without really “undressing” after getting food while being sick.

But most importantly, my face was still wet after being asleep for 6 hours with a ceiling fan on. No sweat-type moisture at all anywhere else on my body, the weather has been cool. And my own drool could never have reached and covered my forehead and cheeks even if I were a moron. I sleep… normally.

And it hasn’t happened before, or since then.

Any thoughts?

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