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For whatever reason, I've been binge watching many bigfoot testimonials since I posted the young boy vid and have to admit that I'm now a solid believer. Of this there is no doubt in my mind. There is no lying that I could detect in many...all we need is one - same as in UFO's.

This man's encounter is very convincing insofar as he and his kids were feet away from the sasquatch/bigfoot. There's no mistaking what he's talking about as having witnessed. ... for those in the know...the kids in Zimbabwe comes to mind.

And then I ran across this video...a hoax? []

If a hoax...someone missed their calling.


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A bigfoot story. Told by a young native boy from Alberta, Canada... 1698 Racho 28-Oct-18 08:15
If the kid wasn't's another 257 Racho 06-Nov-18 08:38

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