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I watched the whole thing but for viewers, listening to this young kid left me with no doubt that he saw a bigfoot. He's not acting for youtube...but he's hip to it and probably a super cool thing for him to be on youtube etc.. He took 3 pictures with his ipad and they are on this vid following conclusion of his interview. There is no exaggeration that I can detect and no doubt many of you will agree.

Hint - no really much of anything occurs when they go to look for the tracks.


My uncle was a Park Warden in Jasper Alberta and when I was young, maybe 14, we were outside in the wilderness and we heard sasquatch sounds. Not that I thought of sasquatch when I was listening to these sounds but the fear factor was ++. Not human but not animal and made me run for the cabin. This kid was much braver than probably most of us would be.

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