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I'll have to finish reading the link as it is definitely very profound to even read the text.

Susan, try to understand how non-movement is reality and that movement is dependent upon non-movement to actually exist. I barely understand it myself. It is the very State of non-movement that every creature lives to abide in. Why else do we creatures love rest and sleep over exertion and excitation of mind and body? It is a good read with plenty of quotes and video examples to give one an idea of rest, non-movement, stillness overruling the haste and waste of frenzy and activity that actually drains one's energy reserves to the point of exhaustion.

That's the simplest way I can describe this information. There is more to read but I'm going to sleep now.

Before I go, I just realized why there are hauntings. First off, our bodies use and dispense energy. The wavelengths of a disturbed person, or even an animal, affect the surroundings that are nearby. So, the energies dispense their voltage, or volume, into objects or frameworks and remain an integral part of such nearby edifices, like wood, metal, stone and so on.

A person can get a bad feeling near such things.

On the converse, sacred places exude peaceful and inspired conceptions to the dweller in, or near such environments. Even hallucinations occur to the sensitive mind/body. I should know because that is why my brain intercepted such energy wavelengths before I was diagnosed with a mental "condition". I was in places that initiated a reaction in my brain, at the level of elecromagnetic pulses and, or, waves that an electric brain interacts with.

Perhaps it is not a disease, but, rather a distinction of a slightly more receptive brain than a brain that has no need for exotic experiences. It could be a leftover trait long unused since the Hunter period of human history. In that environment the need for sensitivity was to herald the dangers of the wild during a travel in unexplored territory.

That's my interpretation of this type of brain.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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