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Thanks, Ray.

Proper weighting notwithstanding, the most significant thing to me is that I found this convergence when I looked to what is recognized as a key moment in the Leicester City storyline. As such, my findings fit the wider seemingly non-random pattern of what I see in many case studies, when I look in this direction.
That's the standard that compelled me to look to LC's season-winning goal, which proved to be significant to Leicester City in three unrelated ways.
How improbable is a cluster like that? Maybe we're one search engine and some serious discussion away from being able to say. However, we might be able to establish if these results are common.
One approach would be to look to various season-winning goals in EPL history. How many of them also won not just a season, also entry into a tournament as prestigious as the European League, while matching some long-held club record in the same moment?
What I've found to be glaring in such an analysis, Ray, is that the 'test' extends beyond the consideration of Chance. What the improbable connection connects to is also vitally important. This is a quality question.
So, one can form improbable connections 'to' many things, but how does one's list compare to things like the two I have mentioned in this sub-thread? Such a test lends itself easily to side-by-side comparisons.
Everything I mention in my lists of meaningful connections must be linked to something that is clearly recognized as significant in the settings where they appear. What's interesting is that I so consistently find these kinds of results when looking to significant events that seem synchronistic for one reason or another. Often, as we see here, they turn out to be like onions, discreetly displaying layers of meaningful connections.
The question is if I have stumbled across something by asking the right kinds of questions. The easiest way to show that to be false is to produce comparable results with similar, randomly-generated events. When it comes to events like soccer goals, the data required is very easy to find.
: )

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