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Ray wrote, "I'd use the binomial expansion. The likelihood of 4 unusual synchronous signatures would be 1/16: interesting, but no cigar."

I would agree, but it sounds as if you`re likening each outcome to being equivalent to a 50-50 male or female birth result, as per your earlier example.

In the one sub example I detailed, the floor is set about 1/600, the minimum likelihood that our hero would have the last name, King... At that minimum rate, if the other three items are 1/2 then our overall result is 1/8 x 1/600 for an adjusted chance likelihood of at least 1/4800.

But surely the other elements are each well beyond 1/2, although coming up with a reasonable number may be impossible in at least one instance - how does one quantify the fact that LC was owned by the King Power corporation?

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