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There you go again Susan! We have to interpret what you say. Whenever we do, we are wrong!

Here is the issue as I see it. Your argumentation here at a GHMB consists of the: There is no evidence of god or god’s, there is no evidence of supernatural entities. These is no evidence of invisible realities. These statement are negative statements, they all contain the word “no”. No is a very powerful word. It is an absolute term in our relativistic world since Einstein. When a person says no, that’s it no. No gray areas allowed and in discussion, IMO, no effectively stops discussion.

But then there is gravity which is invisible to the human eye! So perhaps the story of Newton under the Apple tree was a story, but the story expressed a truth about why apples fall f trees. And they do fall you have to admit.

My daughter just called from Brussels. Gotta go!

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