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Daniel wrote as someone with a scientific background, and you didn't get it.

If you had been sitting beneath an apple tree, and an apple had fallen on your head, you would have said "coincidence," and that would have been the end of it. Just a coincidence--mental fantasy.

I call that dismissive debunking.

Not Sir Isaac Newton:


If you had been a physics student in a physics lab, you would have learned how scientists study such coincidences by doing experiments with the Atwood Machine:


this allows the scientist to carry out experiments to test the hypothesis, knowing that the assumptions are wrong. For example, there will be friction in the Atwood machine. So, the investigator will find ways to reduce violations of the assumptions--for example, greasing the rope or oiling the pulley. As errors are reduced, performance gets closer and closer to the hypothesis.

Psychphysicists like Fechner replaced the Atwood machine with a human being, and made predictions on how human sensory systems would process perceived differences in weight, brightness, or sound, leading to Fechner's law.


What's interesting is that both Newton's and Fechner's laws can be studied with the Atwood machine.


See where that "coincidence" led, when subject to experimental testing?

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