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Lowelldw64 Wrote:
> Hi Everyone!
> I am proposing that the Capstone on the
> Great Pyramid could have been used to direct the
> magnetic vortex to the grand gallery which caused
> a pumping action and forced it out of the Shafts
> producing electromagnetic beams that could have
> been used to power anti-gravity craft from the
> ground.
> I have in my opinion found evidence in
> Egypt concerning the anti-gravity flying machines
> they were clearly using or previous builders had
> used, but one part puzzled me, that makes sense if
> they were using the beams from the great pyramid,
> they needed to be able to manually from the ground
> guide The Anti-Gravity Flying Craft to the beam
> from the pyramid, of which I believe I see them
> doing on some Egyptian buildings, that May have
> been an earlier civilization pre-flood made the
> older structures that contain this information,
> though the Egyptians adopted the symbolism into a
> religion, so they copied some of the same stuff
> not knowing its true meaning, not that they may
> not also have been using antigravity devices, I do
> think it's possible, as the great pyramid was
> could have still been in partial operation.
> Did mosses take the power source providing
> maybe not full power after the great deluge but
> some? Were flying carpets riding these magnetic
> beam highways beaming out from the Great Pyramid
> and maybe there were repeaters and charger that
> keep it going and active and even guided it where
> they wanted? They could have magnetized metal
> also. Or was the magic carpet a reflection of a
> time past when they did have anti-gravity flight
> and travel? I believe that the Oldest Stele were
> to separate and guide the electromagnetic energy,
> and maybe they could draw it down to a point a
> ship could take off from the ground?
> Best Regards & Shalom
> Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

Hi Lowell,

You forgot to include they flew around in Apache helicopters shooting laser beams...

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