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Are Cats Spies Sent by Aliens
Close encounters of the purred kind: Aliens spoke to us in a 'cat-like language' claim Russian flight controllers
In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.
~ Terry Pratchett
Wisdom: 60 great lessons you can learn from a cat
Many a domestic cat leads a good life. Pampered, well-fed and often the centre of much attention, the cat is skilful in getting its own way.
In this fascinating and fun book, you can discover many of the cats’ secrets, which you too can use to great effect.Discover how to…make the most of chances,
make better use of strengths
as well as get more pleasure out of your day…and life
Lion Man is the oldest known evidence for religious beliefs and Stadel Cave suggests that believing and belonging have a deep history crucial to human societies and originating long before writing
The Sphinx in Egypt might have originally had the face of a lion

Ancient Egyptians Weren’t the Only Ones Who Worshipped Cat Gods & Goddesses

cat worship in history
from the book you mite be a zombie and other bad news
toxoplasma gondii, this bug infects rats but knowing it can onlybreed in the intestines of a cat, the parasite takes over the rats brain and makes it not bothered by the smell of cat urine.
from this link,The question asked near the end is whether we might also be controlled, in less dramatic ways, by parasites. As Yong points out, there have been studies on possible subtle effect the fairly ubiquitous parasite toxoplasma gondii might be having on its human hosts.
could the side effects of interaction with cats changed our way of thinking to worship them
a Cat Parasite Affects Your Behaviour, Mental Health and Sex Drive

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