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I just wanted to thank you for the helpful reply and the confidence it instills just knowing that there are truly understanding and knowledgeable minds that take an interest beyond their own egos an arrogance. I tend to have a philosophical view of humanity and if not for people like yourself, few and far between as they seem, my own passion for that public well of knowledge would not exist. FYI cuniform script was derived from an earlier art form also a means of communication. I'm tossing some ideas back n forth with an author who is familiar with correcting the historical and archaeological record. I just realized very recently that we are working the same thing from our own individual experience but being on the exact same page may help this progress as it should. The evidence which is overwhelming to the retinas may take a bit more expertise to reproduce two-dimensionally but in this techno central reality, it simply must be done. Thanks for your kindness and inspiration as it is both appreciated and duly noted.

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