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Edgar Cayce,...H.P.Blavatsky/Theosophical society. ...Ancient Indus records,..etc

Becoming Physical after crossing over/thru the Viel.

The evidence of the active 3rd Eye in Arcadia...
The Triptych message of the Spiritual

Edgar Cayce via readings commented on the Atlantean people's accessing Crystals for Life
Regeneration /Life Extension.

The Mystery of the Megalithic where Humans/Giants etc...accessed via the Huge Megalithic constructions built upon phasic Energy flow lines.

Going fringe....

First Nations people's tell of seeing Pterodactyl or Thunderbird flying overhead..

Was it real?
Could it be a interdimention crossing over?...a Shift in Time?
Maybe the Viewer experiences a short Akashik record video...

What We see,..
What is witnessed by ..well ya...The Tribe,
What endures and becomes Mythology

The Akashik records theme. ..and our Human DNA being data recording

Deja Vu- Deja View ..."Hey I've been here before....saw that before"!

Interesting place.....This Earth : )

T Bird

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