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I actually have 3 videos regarding faces on stone. The first shows what I knew at that point and did not show what else is on many of these stones. These stones are abundant in many locales which my collaborators have demonstrated to me. Native Americans have knowledge of them as well but it's no surprise that this has never been shared. I believe that this information came to me by accident. One of my collaborators is a Native American who passed along what his tribal elders had told him. Some of these stones tell stories if only one knows how to read them.
It took nearly an entire day to set up my first video so that the faces you do see could be visible. The fact that these are for the most part shallow etchings on mostly monochromatic surfaces means that they have always been dependant on shading to be viewed. Beginning with the surface in complete shading I slowly tilt it towards the light to reveal what has been etched on them. typically it is no more than 5 degrees from total surface shading. Slowly rotating 360 degrees will often produce 4 separate sets of imagery. Often you will see an X on the stone but this is not simply two incised lines but rather two stair steps which intersect each other creating four separate plains. This is the technology which allows separate sets of imagery to be applied to one surface.
I believe some of the "incised stone" which display a geometrical crosshatch pattern are related. The non-discernable scratches are likely just everyone thinking the same thing "I'm not gonna say it". Maybe at the bottom of all of this is the "stigma" of faces on stone. Can anyone explain this phenomenon? Where did it come from? What scientific basis is there for it? If anyone can tell me the reason it exists then we might take a longer stride towards the truth which is the real goal here and not the egotistical who's right and who's wrong of it.

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