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i have no idea why you intervened with your post, or why you picked out just one of quite a few examples of the stone masks (description given by the archaeologist at the Gobekli site) to continue the thread on the subject of aliens. Also, I have no idea why you are insisting. I don't need you to welcome me to anything at all and certainly not to your world. This what I wrote in response to KsFicher and I hope that he will read it despite the length of the unrelated topic that this thread is now accumulating:

Check out the stone masks found at Gobekli Tepe.

If you have just one stone with the T shape clearly in relief in your collection, it will be of more value in convincing others that they are man-made than to present a vast collection.

"T" is the age-old symbol of the spirit, as represented by abstract nose and brows on stone. (The connection between stone and spirit continues in gravestones today.) That’s why the eyes are not necessarily carved but implied by the shadows cast. It shows the way to the third eye, the pineal gland. “Spirit” was inscribed in the earliest Sumerian clay tablets as T.

I took a quick look at your video which Audrey so kindly provided a link for and thought there might be one standing out from the crowd. But I could be wrong, of course.


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