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...part of the curriculum and is perpetuated by ridicule among colleagues and there is not a single one of them who has the capacity for scientific objectivity when it comes to this subject or evidence. This is what is known as confirmation bias, a term created by physicists for an actual scientific condition. Most know this as paradigm paralysis which is just what it implies. Of course with archaeology, this is not the only indicator of the condition. Consider other oppositions to a paradigm shift. The same as the assessment I first received regarding the stone tools, it is mostly based on nothing more than mere speculation.
I have listened all the way through your post. I just picked out one part to quote, but before I read through the other posts, I am writing to say that yours seems to me to reveal clearly the very strong confirmation bias etc that you hav. Seems to me that you now do not approach any other, more conventional ideas, with an open mind, because you think you know better. Ah, well.

ETA: I have now listened to other posts. One of the things you said in OP about ancient people was 'this is exactly what they did',which in itself implies absolute conviction. There should, I think, always be a qualifier somewhere. Even the scientific method never claims total proof


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