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KsFisher Wrote:
> If nearly three years of reaching out to the
> archaeological community only to be met with the
> equivalent of them placing their fingers in their
> ears while chanting la la la la la have taught me
> anything it would be that my persistence is
> nothing more than an effort in futility with
> regard to that arena. None have offered any
> scientific reasoning or anything of substance that
> would indicate anything other than utter
> complacency on their part. Persistence, however,
> doesn't necessarily need to be wasted on only one
> venue and can certainly be redirected. We will see
> if it takes three years to gain an audience with
> the NSF budget committee for instance. It seems
> all that is required for the evidence to speak for
> itself is a mind of reasonable intelligence to
> present it to which has not been psychologically
> conditioned to reject it.

Hi KsFisher,

Sounds as if you have legitimate disappointments, concerning the archaeological community. You will find some of these board members more willing to hear you out.

There is a price to pay thou, as the archaeological community, in general, considers us lunatics.

I for one, can see why. Still, it can be fun and there are some really well informed individuals here.

Welcome to the Board.

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