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KsFisher Wrote:
> Doc,
> Thanks for the reply.
> So the ‘provenance’ is Native American (of
> some era[?])yes
> and the ‘context’ is that the item is from
> the central U. S. (Kansas[?]Yes
> found by you[?])Yes
> And the environment is that the find was among
> "ancient stone tools”. No, a single "quick pick"
> from a small area which has produced several other
> tools.
> Is the stone in the image inherent (typical of)
> to its ‘found’ location? Not as far as any
> immediate known lithic source but a possibility of
> the stream bed aprox 1/4 mile away.
> Was it discovered at grade, or in strata (if so,
> how deep)? Recently unearthed by construction,
> from 12 inches or less
> Was it near a running water source?ace 1/4 ml.
> dist aprox 15 ft. below
> Was there a direct proximity location to the
> tools? N/A
> Did it have any notable association with the
> tools? Being one?
> Was it among bones (animal, or Human)? No
> In your estimation, was the stone ‘dropped’
> or ‘placed’? Unknown, recently unearthed

Hello KsFisher:

> Forgive my inquisitive nature but the best
> understanding is the conceptual kind in my
> estimation.

While a ’conceptual understanding’ has value in the pursuit of archaeology, a ’contextual understanding’ has, at a minimum, an equal import.

Is this some specific requirement or
> more of a common criteria? Although I can see how
> some of the information would lend directly to
> one's assessment, is this the overall purpose?


> it for that which by observation is suspect but of
> no particular familiarity or for everything
> removed from your grid section for instance?

Your reference to “grid section” is unclear; I recall making no such reference.

> You mentioned something a few days ago which I do
> agree with wholeheartedly, that being the
> importance and value of a well-trained eye. The
> fact we were discussing Gault gave me a bit of a
> chuckle realizing the odds that we were actually
> laying the "well-trained" assessment directly on
> ol' SteveO. LOL! I'm sure he's an actual hand at
> somethings...stringing a grid for instance!

I am unfamiliar with the name ”SteveO” in this setting.

Dr. Troglodyte

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?“ - Decimus Junius Juvenalis

“Numero, Pondere et Mensura“

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