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You had mentioned something in a previous conversation about the value of a well trained eye, which I agree with wholeheartedly. Personally I don't see much difference between assessing a biface projectile point or the most basic Oldowan flake tool. First thing one must do is remove the word "eolith" from his vocabulary as this is truly just an archaeological term from the mid to late 19th century, synonymous with "we are uncertain at this point but human arrogance prevents us from admitting it". To support this I have to include a yet to be confirmed but likely more accurate figure than the pure speculation somehow adopted as theory and cause for our initial misdirection. The projection from San Diego of 130,000 BP is the ever so needed calculation to plot our course correction. The true significance of this figure has yet to be realized by Archaeological Academia or the world for that matter. This figure not only indicates man's presence here but it presents maybe the best key to unlocking real Archaeological understanding. We cannot assume man arrived 130,000BP but we can at least assign it as an indicator of the longevity of the lithic industry in North America. Plug in whatever speculated estimations you want at this point and the resulting calculation is so astronomical that it exposes an overwhelmingly enormous gaping hole in the current archaeological record! Welcome to my world, Doc. What fills this astronomical gap other than all the complacency and arrogance and ignorance is what I consider one of the most notable feats of man. He had significantly altered the entire face of the earth. Failure to observe the rules of scientific method created the blind eye which missed it and it is arrogance which will not inquire of what true knowledge and understanding currently exists. There is a battle within each of us over the conflicts of human nature. Maybe that in itself is our sole purpose, but if it is true that our desire to learn about ancient people is so that we me learn from them then allow me to offer one opinion of what we may ultimately learn. Humanity as a whole is but the sum of it's individuals. I hope you are capable of enough reasoning to see a spark of truth in my words, foregoing this however, I am pleased you took the time to consider. Peace

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