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Despite the obvious attributes of facial imagery and overlapping flake scars, the fact that it is from North America alone prevents it from being considered an artifact. No, it can only be a rock of natural occurrence for it lacks conchoidal fracture and facial imagery on stone is most definitely something ancient man would never have imparted as artistic expression. Much the same way as he could never have arrived without bringing Clovis technology with him, he most certainly did not arrive without pressure flaked retouch either! This begs one obvious question: Is science about obtaining knowledge or suppressing it? I for one recall why humanity deemed it important to learn about ancient people in the first place. It had little if anything to do with a pointless number which cannot be accurately proven by any current means. It was indeed that we may learn from these ancient people, but alas learning still has that one prerequisite of not already knowing everything.
So let us defend this paradigm based solely upon whatever shred of the purely speculative theory and lack of understanding which has yet to be completely dismantled by first exhausting every single dead end avenue of speculative support.
I am no genius by any standard. In fact, I probably have just enough intelligence to be insulted by this travesty, masquerading as actual science! If it were within my power I would confiscate every lab coat until the curriculum stressed scientific method above fear for one's career and livelihood.

One cannot triumph without the aid of adversity.

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