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Susan Doris Wrote:
> I'd just like to mention one small point: We, the
> human species, evolved from a common
> ape-like ancestor, not from a particular branch
> of apes.
> Susan

This is a very interesting quibble that I have seen from the pro-science side of evolution debates for a very long time. What was our "common ancestor" if it was not an ape? If we could see some of these ancestors as they were in life, would we not classify them as apes? Yet this seems to be important to the science side of the debate. Do they think it will somehow make it easier for the fundamentalists to accept the reality that humans developed from non-humans? The fundamentalists will resist anything that threatens the authority of their own social hierarchies (which demonstrates their ape-like mentality, oddly enough :).

(reconstruction of what Sahelanthropus, a common human-chimpanzee ancestor, probably looked like)

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