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Human intelligence is not the only thing that evolves. To say we are more evolved than another species is just plain wrong. We are not more or less evolved--we are perfectly suited to our niche, as are countless other species. Also, there are other species that are pretty darned smart under any criteria.

Evolution is a process that occurs over very long periods of time. Survival depends on a lot of factors, from a stable environment and ecosystem to a lack of predators. Genetic mutations happen all the time, and they may leave no trace, or have no impact, on an organism's physiology or appearance. Until recently, all paleontologists had to go on was fossil remains--the outward appearance of an organism. DNA has changed that, but we, and other species, continue to evolve.

As some species evolve or are threatened with declining numbers, they will mate with anything they can mate with. An example of this is the grizzly/polar bear hybrid. Grizzlies are moving north into polar bear territory and mating with polar bears. The result is a hybrid--if the hybrids can reproduce (and it's been confirmed that they can), we may well have a new species of bear.


In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like earth. ~ Margaret Atwood

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