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There is a battle going on which many are not aware of. It is a battle between the Divine and the non Divine. Some time ago I posted a procedure, which if followed, enabled one to determine those who have and those who don't have this Divinity. Mother Earth, Father Sun and all those who belong to them, have a Divine genome and will present with the color blue. The moon has no Divinity. The Anunnaki, Reptilians, Pleiadians and many other Et groups also lack Divinity. There are many thousands of human looking beings living on Mother Earth who do not have this Divinity. It is they who are creating all the problems we face. I have only seen people (ET's) from two star systems that are here on Mother Earth who have Divine energy. Those from Orion and those from Sirius. These people many not know they are from a different star system. For those who have their third eye open and can see into the 4th dimension, they will see an upside down J above the head of those from Sirius and a upside down J with things on it and located in front of their chest for those from Orion. Those who lack Divine energy are not here to help.

Thoth is a break-a-way Anunnaki and dose not have Divine energy. His loyalties are to the Anunnaki not human. Gerald Clark says that Thoth claims to have created the pyramids by thought in the 4th dimension. There is also the idea that the pyramids were all created around the same time. I have posted describing an experience I had as a Mayan woman who was sacrificed. (All who have Divine energy can reincarnate. We all have had many lives.) A Mayan man who was a caller tried to save me. These callers could hit frequencies with their voice that would open portals between the 3rd and 4th dimension. The pyramids were then lowered into place. You must analyze the direction of the iron in the block of the pyramids to see that the iron all goes in the same direction. This will support Thoth's claim to have created the pyramids all at once by thought.. The Anunnaki knew there would be an extinction event on Mother Earth. Thoth oriented the pyramids towards certain star systems ( Orion and others) to help stabilize Mother Earth. They were star systems with Divine energy. It is important to understand that Thoth did this to save the Anunnaki NOT humans. The Anunnaki , however, cannot live here without humans... Our environment is not good for them. In order to feel well they need our energy, so we were re-created to supply a life support for them. I am one of those recreated by them. I have described this experience in another post. We were re created by the Anunnaki NOT to up grade our evolution, but rather to provide a life support system to enable the Anunnaki to live here amongst us. They are energy vampires. They attach to a human who they put under the MKULTRA type of mind control. and they take their energy. Only some of us have been recreated by the Anunnaki. Many more have been recreated by the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians also lack Divine energy. They are master geneticists and are not the good ET's that everyone thinks. GHWBush may have been created by them. He has a consciousness, but it never changes. Barbara bush is MKULTRA. The Pleiadians have created a man named Solar who will come on to the world stage claiming he is the second coming of Jesus. Solar and Jesus do not have Divine energy. There are also many pure humans.

Our world is in control of those who lack the Divine . They are the NWO, and all that is evil. We who have the Divine must wake up and see what has happened... AND ACT.

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