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Hi Everyone!

I suspect Osiris was a real person, that developed a system that was named after him. Could Osiris have been the builder of a Rocket that was located on Abu Rawash? This could explain the fire & stone damage in the lower chamber if it were at one point a launch pad.

The Great Pyramid could have been producing Fuel for the rocket, and the rocket before launch could have been involved in the process by firing the rockets the sound may have been used as a pump in some action in the process inside of the great pyramid.

I find it interesting that Pisces looks almost exactly like the Bottom of the Eye of Horus. Was the Eye of Horus a Map? Pisces could be where the Rocket was Launched and the destination was Orion's belt where Pisces points too?

Was there a fight when it was discovered that destruction was coming, and well only so much room in the Capsule? Did Osiris have to launch early to escape? Was the fish and Nile really symbolic for Pisces & the Milky way?

Is NASA searching for the departed ship that was launched early, or did they find it?

Did ISIS find the launch rocket that crashed back to earth but the space capsule/ his seed was missing eaten by a fish Pisces where the capsule was lost in space?

Did the Ancient Egyptians leave us a record of a Rocket launch that was supposed to be launched at some point but due to conflict, the Rocket was launched early and both were recorded? I think it is possible.

This is just a quick overview of a new thought line, there may be nothing to it and it may have some truth, but only time and investigation may tell or not.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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