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I have done this with friends and workmates and still have some really good pictures to prove it.
One of us drew a picture. Totally out of sight of the other. Put it in an envelope with other paper around so it could definitely not be seen, holding it up to any light. Then the other person draws what he/she thinks it could be. Then envelope is opened, and gasps are said by both parties. Oh, yes, it is true. Glad I kept both drawings for several experiments.

:). - No scientists were present, not needed!


Sirhope Wrote:
> Double blind tests,
> A third party delivers a sealed envelope with a
> message of a unknown location and description of
> unique objects which were brought to the site by
> the third party; setup randomly for the remote
> viewer who is in a wire mesh room or room where no
> radio transmission can penetrate. A person at the
> location site of the test area is there looking at
> it and meditating on it taking in the shapes and
> positions while perhaps painting or drawing it,
> the weather conditions if its outside and all the
> details.
> Next the telepath after some time draws the
> location and objects positions and all is done in
> synchronicity. The person at the site starts the
> clock for 20 minutes taking in the objects and at
> the same time the telepath takes 20 minutes to see
> with the pineal gland what positions they are in.
> Lastly when the painting is complete the telepath
> takes another 20 minutes to draw his picture.

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