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What happened to snail mail and face to face conversation, it's over; left to the onslaught of light speed communication. A new God has been created and it’s worshiped by the masses for instant connectivity unhindered by wires. But, is this God killing us with an overdose of EMF radiation? Or are we sacrificing ourselves upon the altar of wireless communication? Some data does suggest brain cancer is on the rise for the younger generation, which is known not to have the defenses that adults have against this wireless age. Kid’s skulls are not as thick and their cells are replicating faster than adults thus these frequencies pulsed into their bio matter maybe catastrophic for proper cellular regeneration.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Cell phones are killing us. No. Correction… We are willingly killing ourselves (and our kids) with cell phones. And obfuscating cell phones companies are accomplices. We are seduced by the convenience factor of being infinitely “in touch” and we are deaf to the lethality of holding that dangerous device up to our head. Industry has been dishonest and the precautionary principle has been ignored by public health bureaucrats asleep (or remunerated) at the wheel. Soon, we will learn that cells phones are more lethal in America than guns. Let’s start with an understanding of brain cancer.

Insurance Companies opting out EMF radiation claims

Wifi Radiation


Non Ionizing Radiation=Dangerous

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