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Hi, Racho

I don’t consider myself a – nutter – anymore more than David Icke does of himself, although there seems to be those trying to control information flow as well as access to some of the things viewed as controversial – that catch phrase to suggest fringe ideology. To know specifics or more likely precise language to elaborate the topics David covers one probably needs to know something of storytelling to sway further pursuit into it as well as certain security clearances which are not forth coming. I use storytelling lightly.

Physicists know something of this tactic of precision language simplified accompanied with experimental observation to support hypotheses. Of course, physics is not the only place where precision language is used. Skilled orator’s use it while behind their speaker’s podium or even in that Oxford Union debating hall. Ability to use that debating orator skill one usually reduces the ease of refutation or stern rebuttals. At any rate, one needs to be prepared for clever responses – not always easy – with those subjects when one has scant observations to directly support claims toward persuading others initially less informed. Best not to leave “How do you know,What is it you know, From where do you know it, and Who knew it, questions,” if possible, unto your audience or with those you’re conversing, if possible, again not an easy task.

I tend to agree with his overall purpose as it seems to be – to think for one self and not be led as a herd animal to intellectual slaughter and ruin because someone else said so.

As for watching David Icke one did catch his published Youtube, May 2014, Oxford Union hall presentation. Useful and informative. I’ve seen, firsthand, what Oscar Wilde mentioned, that “Most people are other people, their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” Repeaters, teacher repeaters, and repeating does not always yield independent thought or correction of faulty doctrine. It’s sort of like garbage in garbage out and with modern telecommunications, it is often rapid garbage slung around, not unlike wrenches into the machinery.

Accept for translated testimonial and text it would be difficult to determine actual shape-shifting as a corporeal process or something akin to changing position or having, what in modern computer parlance might be, a multi-tasking knowledge skill. I wouldn’t know as I haven’t gone into great lengths to follow some of the topic matter as he might.

Not to get off track, but some of Oscar Wildes younger photos reminds me of the character who played “Severus Snape,” on the Harry Potter films. Imagine him lecturing on the ground floor of Oxford Union debating hall.


"Mind like parachute, must be open to function." ~ Charlie Chan - Famous Chinese detective character

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