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Discussion of the soul . . What is it, where does it go . . And so on . .

Graham seems to think the waters of forgetfulness are part of a level playing field, and they might be . . .

They also might be the engine of entrapment for souls which would not want to find thenselves here, or for those amassing biologics for their own purposes.

I submit that leaving all the "keep them moving along the path together" factors in the culture is a very dangerous business, and exactly for that reason writing was and is essential, . . . The young soul//mind does not see symbols & archetypes. . But words, those are powerful things. (In context)

It's said that the Elves enjoyed their past life memories . . Helped keep them on track, perhaps?

In the Thor movie, the heroine is caught in a multi-lelvel field of forces . . . The Asgardian doctor has a name for it, but the heroine calls it a Soul Forge!

Is it possible that the race or races seeding the planets in the various galaxies are forging their own souls?

Does each underpinning species play the role of holding a stable life platform for the ghestalt which is under formation?

Are humans an "amnesia-ed" species, doing this for the Anunakki?

Is the code of personal numbers and the horns on the hats of the Anunakki the visual record of ongoing achievement?
Anu's favorite lady went from a 50 to a 60 here on Earth? . . . I wonder (60 days of the bread of life and 60 days of the waters of life, in a fractal holographic system vibration set basically on 60 htz).
. .
I also wonder what may lie beyond our solar system . . If pulsars are markers for transit in the common Universe . . Or comm beacons, or both . . We have quite a bit of ground to cover!

Thanks for the video Graham, it was "insightful"!! :-)

Graham on 'What is a soul' . . . moment!

Breath is the courser and
Mind is the rider.

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