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So I recently had a dream where a red cauliflower like organism bursted from my vagina, only to have my stomach burst open and entrails fall out immediately after. I spent hours trying to keep most of my organs in my body while waiting for a paramedic service. Upon their arrival they whisked me off to a hospital where i was greeted by team in hazmat suits, who wheeled me on the stretcher through underground passageways to keep me hidden from the public. There was an obvious notion that whay ever was problematic in my stomach and reproductive organs was alien related. We passed through a random gymnasium where there was a basketballs team of half humans half large cats. I am then sedated and sexually assaulted. I wake up tied to a bed with bloody bandages.. then dismissed with out any information of what had happened.i awoke feeling very violated, have been having immense stomach and vaginal pain.

In real life I have been experiencing a lot of strange phenomenon at night time, and so has my three year old daughter. The next night she said "dont leave tonight mum"

Open to open suggestions here.
Am i crazy to think something happened to me not just on an astral level?

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