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I earlier put up a post suggesting that the geographical features of South Australia referenced to the Earth’s Reproductive Chakra. See Mysterious Geographical Features of South Australia:

In the image below I show how the layout of Adelaide (the Capital city of the state of South Australia) mirrors near perfectly the biological process of meiosis.

Note: Normal cell division creates two new cells with each having both a maternal and paternal copy of our species genome (Telophase 1). Meiosis is when germ-line cells divide a second time and in this process four new daughter cells are created (Telophase 2). The four new daughter cells are reproductive gametes having only a single copy of DNA – two with a maternal copy and two with a paternal copy of our genome.

Sacred Geometry and Adelaide

1. Here we see how the parent cell references to the city of Adelaide. Adelaide has Parklands that totally surround the cities of Adelaide and North Adelaide – as the nucleus of the cell is encased by an outer shell.

2. In the process of normal cell division two new cells are created. Here we see the city of North Adelaide is divided into two main sections. The western part of North Adelaide having a nucleus (Wellington Square).

3. When the cell divides a second time four new daughter cells are formed. Here we see the eastern and southern sections of North Adelaide are breaking up into two new daughter cells (gametes).

4. The four new daughter cells each have a single copy of the human genome. And the main central business district of Adelaide is divided up into four distinct sections – King Willian Street separating the two western sections from the eastern sections – with Grote and Wakefield Streets separating the northern sections from the southern sections. Each of the four sections having their own parks referencing to the nucleus of the gametes; (i.e. Light, Whitmore, Hindmarsh and Hurtle Squares.)

Snaking through the city from east to west is the Torrens River. Here again we see another reference to DNA.

I am not an expert on the 1836 founding of the South Australian Colony. I am told however there was a strong Masonic presence among the colony’s early settlers.

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