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Archaic Wrote:
> In the car was my dad, my assistant coach, and his
> son and I in the back seat. For about 10 minutes
> we were looking at a super bright light that we
> were all speculating on -- a plane with landing
> gear, a tower, etc, etc. After some time it got
> intensely bright (white) and as it passed over us,
> I'd guess an altitude of 500ft and about 200ft to
> our south, we could resolve it as a giant triangle
> object with three lights at each tip and a massive
> light in the middle.
> It looked like this, except the brightness was
> reversed and it looked more like a perfect
> triangle:

> It passed by us at slow speed (or we drove by it?)
> and we in the car were all yelling various
> versions of WTF. My dad, who was driving, pulled
> over and I remember looking back at it as it
> crossed over the highway and noticing a whole
> bunch of other cars had also pulled over. The
> object got brighter, and myself and my teammate
> started yelling at my dad to DRIVE!! but he was
> too curious. It looked like it was coming back at
> us since it was getting BRIGHTER, and it freaked
> us out...but it just...left. It moved to the
> north and we lost visual contact with it...
> It's an event my Dad and I still talk about.

Question for the forum: why most UFOs pictures indistinct?

(that pic was a visual comparison, so my question is general and not aimed at your account.)


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