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Upon further investigation of the existence of tunnels connecting certain military bases. For example it's said that tunnels exist connecting Vandenberg AFB with Edwards AFB and other bases in southern California. In regards to this example, first of all the construction of a tunnel would require passing through a highly active earthquake zone which would include passing through at least five faults. This is just one example, so if you look around the areas on maps and google earth where these supposed tunnels are located you'll agree that the whole subject is bogus. Don't get me wrong I'm positive there are underground bases around the country for military use such as Cheyenne Mountain where NORAD is housed. What throws up the red flags is the fact these boring machines are very slow if you can make 50 to 70 ft. per day that's a lot and they are very expensive operate. Look at distance between the bases, this makes it highly unlikely that tunnels exist. You be the judge.

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