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Hey guys, Im a new member here and really love the research you guys get into. The reason why I joined today was to

Introduce to you a new concept that has taken the internet by storm, its called the Flat Earth theory and why it has so much support.

Every ancient civilisation before us knew it believed it from Egyptians to Mayans to Aztecs to Aboriginals on every conintent on Earth, knew it was flat.

- These civilisations built sun dials and temples to keep track of the orbit of the sun and moon as they orbit and bring life to every living thing on earth.

- No oxygen in out of space, so how does a giant ball of fire, exist? without 1 of its very natural elemental properties

- modern flight paths and shipping routes all follow a flat earth model.

- The natural properties of water is to level itself out til its level. How does water bend?

- If the sun was 93,000,000 miles away, how can we see it with the naked eye?

- the 4 seasons are perfectly proven in the flat earth model.

- all time zones, sunsets and sunrises all prove the sun is a localised light and so is the moon.

- Pythagoras theorem has proven the sun to be 6,000 miles above us, 33 miles wide, and travels at 1,345 miles per hour.

- the 7 days of the week represent the 7 stars in the sky, SUN MOON MARS MERCURY VENUS JUPITER SATURDAY (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) Each one referred to as wandering stars in the bible.

- they 7 stars also present 7 lights, Sun(god,gold), Silver(mother,silver), Iron(red), Mercury(glass), Jupiter(tin) Venus(copper) Saturn(lead)

- Gravity is a myth! Air, the atmosphere itself is a gas that has its own electrical current. i.e NIKOLA TESLA

- anything lighter than AIR goes up,ie SMOKE, HELIUM, HOT AIR.

- anything more dense than air will stick to the earth.

- birds and magnets can destroy gravity, yet its so strong to hold the moon in place?

- Bible has been proven to be the truest history book of all time, based on evidence and findings.

- No evidence of sattelies ever! but we have cell phone towers all over the world. Ontop of buildings, these are used for GPS

- There is a glass ceiling, the firmament which keeps everything inside. Thats why its called, SKYS the Limit

here is a good video to get started.


After finding this out and researching into it alot more, the more the bible is true word for word.

Giant skeletons, Giant trees. Fallen angels that turned on God.

Evidence of The great flood which destroyed and fossilised giant human bones, trees. Bones and rocks are evidence of this.

Our entire history has been fabricated to the masses of Western Civilisation.



- Bees use hexagon structure to create honey OUR SKIN, WATER, PLANTS, TREES the EARTH itself is abig hexagonal pattern. (ie. Creation of god)

I am no bible bashing christian or religious guru. I am just a historical researcher, and these are my findings in the last 10 years of research, after suffering from and curing myself from Crohn's Disease.

Best website for simple easy research is

The bottom line is that, The giants have been leading our military and world leaders into chaos and destruction to spit in the face of God. as we all know the Devil wants all of us to worship him instead of God. And its been working for our entire human history, with Money, Power and Greed.

I dare anyone to challenge this and find any evidence of a round a spinning globe.

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