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SPOILER ALERT - Some of this post contains information that is written in Sekret Machines, co-written by the famous musician Tom Delonge and best-selling author, Shakespearean PhD, AJ Hartley. Do not read further if you are thinking about getting the book and wish not to be told of its more interesting contents in advance.

My gut feeling about how this book would read, as shared with Ray, turned out to be about right. My 4/5 grade is not based on the book's literary merits as a work of semi-fiction. I was only interested in the alleged facts, as allegedly confirmed and expanded upon to Tom Delonge by high ranking military and advisors assigned to confer with him. Some of that information is very interesting. However, in a book that is approaching 700 pages, I had expected more of that kind of information.

As you read forward, keep in mind the information from the book's sleeve: "The events, locations and moments of wonder here are all true. The glue is fiction. The building blocks are not." - Tom Delonge

So, as mentioned in this thread's OP, Tom Delonge (TD) claims to have been granted access to various high ranking military members who are sharing with him some of what they know to be true about the UFO lore of the last half century. In the interview I posted, TD claims to be in continued contact with those members, who oversee every word that TD and Hartley write in their books.

So, if Sekret Machines is true, here is some of the information that moves the discussion of UFO's forward.

The henge in Poland that the Nazis were supposedly working on is a true story. As WW2 came to an end, and the Nazis knew they were going to lose, they took the technology they had their and flew to the Antarctica, where they attempted to continue working on 'Die Glock'.

At the same time the West knew that tensions in Europe would continue with the Soviets, and so Operation Paperclip was introduced in order to ensure that the West had access to the Nazi tech and their scientists. Shortly after WW2 the US sent a naval fleet and warplanes to Antarctica, where they attacked the Nazi base which featured a henge just like the one described in Poland. In the battle a flying saucer emerged from the henge and took out a lot of the planes, having the ability to fly in manners consistent with those attributed to UFOs. However, as there were so many planes in the air the Nazi flying machine was hit and exploded while in the sky. So ended the battle. The Nazis on the ground blew the henge up. So ended any lingering threat that the Nazis would rise and win the war after all, courtesy of their new technology.

Considerable attention is given to the famous black triangles, which the authors describe as very sci-fi. They explicitly say that it was built by Americans, although it is unclear - at this point in the narrative, or at least in my reading of it - if we obtained the technology from a crashed alien ship.

TR-3B is supposedly the correct name, although the military also speaks of it as the Locust. It also has the ability to mimic all of the movements commonly atttributed to UFOs, and then some: It can go straight up and down, suspend itself in space, move rapidly (at speeds of at least Mach 5), travel outside of Earth's orbit, shoot laser beams, and cloak itself so that it appears invisible.

As for the latter, in the interview I posted says that he asked for, and received, advisors who would explain some of the science behind their disclosures. Turning to the book, the gist I got on how the cloaking works is that is based on the relativity of time and space and the bending of light. The craft looks entirely invisible to the unexpecting, and one scene is described where, for many minutes, a pilot in one of these things hovers above a farmhouse in Kansas, where a guy hangs out on his porch, having no idea what's going on a few hundred feet above his house. However, with very careful examination one will see that the apparent invisibility is not quite so, owing to the subtle way that light has been manipulated...

If, as Tom says, the events are true then one of these black triangles flew into Moscow and hovered about a thousand feet above the Kremlin for several minutes, completely unnoticed by those below, where it began uploading data from a mole on the ground. Elsewhere, they report that the black triangles can and note the vibrations of glasses and plants in rooms, from which they are able to capture conversations. Meanwhile, over in Moscow, the triangle's presence was detected and some Soviet 'arrowheads' came along and chased the black triangle away. The arrowheads sounded just as impressive as the black triangles, and I do believe the writers are clear in saying that the US is not the only nation that possesses this technology.

Much attention is given to Nevada, Groom Lake and all of that stuff. As far as that part of the book is concerned, it reads very much like an affirmation of the long-held general picture. As far as specific details are concerned, one tidbit includes the strange metal that is associated with the Roswell crash - it is real and has very strange properties.

The book does not discuss much of the 'alien' issues, per se, but at the very end it basically says that the aliens have not only visited us, but that they never left. This seems to be where this whole presentation is really leading, how high-ranking military types in various nations are trying to cope with an ongoing alien presence.

More interesting than the black triangles and arrowheads is another craft of which the US gained possession. At some point there was a fight at a nuclear installation. The missiles had been shut down and the US sent in some black triangles to engage the 'hostiles'. This other craft was engaged during the fight, and it was even more advanced. It is said to operate entirely on telepathy, and only engages when the pilot puts his hand on a console. When this other ship entered the dog fight it their dissemination mission has been two-fold: Share some facts, see how the public responds. TD doesn't say it explicitly, but the Phoenix Lights incident and the Belgium black triangle fly-overs, which he does discuss in detail appear to be in this class.. At the same time the military actively inserts disinformation and ridicule, but only so that the people who can't handle the truth have something to fall back on.

In the end then, Sekret Machines may be a huge step forward, but at the same time nothing about the ongoing UFO discussion changes. With the alleged facts being presented in a work of fiction, the military maintains control of plausible deniability. That will remain true when Delonge moves into the entirely non-fiction works, and in his documentary series: that is, as long as his sources wish to remain anonymous, people will always be able to claim that he's making the story up (yet surely not in order to attain fame or wealth, he has plenty of both already.)

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