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So what if you could start from scratch and try to create utopia? And what if one of the world’s leading architects designed the centre?

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Psychogeography 2896 michael seabrook 26-Jan-13 08:17
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Big Data Reveals How Cities Beckoned the Brainy for 2,000 Years 412 michael seabrook 01-Aug-14 19:54
Re: Big Data Reveals How Cities Beckoned the Brainy for 2,000 Years 354 greengirl5 02-Aug-14 15:02
Re: Psychogeography 423 David L 02-Aug-14 13:17
Re: Psychogeography 322 greengirl5 02-Aug-14 15:20
Re: Psychogeography 339 David L 02-Aug-14 20:50
Re: Psychogeography 379 greengirl5 03-Aug-14 01:20
Re: Psychogeography 334 greengirl5 03-Aug-14 01:16
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Re: Psychogeography,Is urban design a matter of public health? 388 michael seabrook 07-Oct-15 21:06
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Re: Psychogeography 310 Aine 30-Dec-15 01:01
Re: Psychogeography 324 brett z 30-Dec-15 01:14
Re: Cloud Atlas 440 Thunderbird 01-Jan-16 03:48
Re: Cloud Atlas 430 michael seabrook 02-Jan-16 19:21
Avoid New Orleans 305 David L 02-Jan-16 18:28
millennium falcon housing estate 592 michael seabrook 09-Jan-16 13:37
geography of a genius 589 michael seabrook 24-Mar-16 17:59
Urban living making young people more paranoid: 420 michael seabrook 23-May-17 21:51
Re: Psychogeography, ai brain 150 michael seabrook 24-Feb-19 21:11
Re: Psychogeography, building a city from scratch 166 michael seabrook 25-Feb-19 21:47
Re: Psychogeography, building a city from scratch 103 michael seabrook 09-Jun-19 09:21

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