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Nice one!

"1. God is simple, without composition of parts, such as body and soul, or matter and form."

God is a vibration, an energy.

"2. God is perfect, lacking nothing. That is, God is distinguished from other beings on account of God's complete actuality."

It's the whole, it's the sum of all, it's One who manifests in the many.

"3. God is infinite. That is, God is not finite in the ways that created beings are physically, intellectually, and emotionally limited. This infinity is to be distinguished from infinity of size and infinity of number."

Is love finite? Can we measure it's power? God is infinite in it's love.

"4. God is immutable, incapable of change on the levels of God's essence and character."

The Creator just IS.

"5. God is one, without diversification within God's self. The unity of God is such that God's essence is the same as God's existence. In Aquinas's words, "in itself the proposition 'God exists' is necessarily true, for in it subject and predicate are the same."


From an earlier post;

"Everyone has innate knowledge already of who or what God is."

Corpus Hermeticum - Book 10.
The Tenth Book.
The Mind to Hermes.

116. But some of the things I have said, must have a particular explication; Understand then what I say.

117. All things are in God, not as lying in a place; for Place is both a Body, and unmoveable, and those things that are there placed, have no motion.

118. For they lie otherwise in that which is unbodily, than in the fantasy or to appearance.

119. Consider him that contains all things, and understand, that nothing is more capacious, than that which is incorporeal, nothing more swift, nothing more powerful, but it is most capacious, most swift and most strong.

120. And judge of this by thyself, command thy Soul to go into India, and sooner than thou canst bid it, it will be there.

121. Bid it likewise pass over the Ocean, and suddenly it will be there; Not as passing from place to place, but suddenly it will be there.

122. Command it to fly into Heaven, and it will need no Wings, neither shall anything hinder it; not the fire of the Sun, not the Aether, not the turning of the Spheres, not the bodies of any of the other Stars, but cutting through all, it will fly up to the last, and furthest Body.

123. And if thou wilt even break the whole, and see those things that are without the World (if there be any thing without) thou mayest.

124. Behold how great power, how great swiftness thou hast! Canst thou do all these things, and cannot God?

125. After this manner therefore contemplate God to have all the whole World to himself, as it were all thoughts, or intellections.

126. If therefore thou wilt not equal thy self to God, thou canst not understand God.

127. For the like is intelligible by the like.

128. Increase thy self into an immeasurable greatness, leaping beyond every Body; and transcending all Time, become Eternity and thou shalt understand God: If thou believe in thyself that nothing is impossible, but accountest thy self immortal, and that thou canst understand all things, every Art, every Science and the manner and custom of every living thing.

129. Become higher than all height, lower than all depths, comprehend in thy self, the qualities of all the Creatures, of the Fire, the Water, the Dry and Moist; and conceive likewise, that thou canst at once be everywhere in the Sea, in the Earth.

130. Thou shalt at once understand thy self, not yet begotten in the Womb, young, old, to be dead, the things after death, and all these together as also times, places, deeds, qualities, quantities, or else thou canst not yet understand God.

131. But if thou shut up thy Soul in the Body and abuse it, and say, I understand nothing, I can do nothing, I am afraid of the Sea, I cannot climb up into Heaven, I know not who I am, I cannot tell what I shall be; what hast thou to do with God; for thou canst understand none of those Fair and Good things; be a lover of the Body, and Evil.

132. For it is the greatest evil, not to know God.

133. But to be able to know and to will, and to hope, is the straight way, and Divine way, proper to the Good; and it will everywhere meet thee, and everywhere be seen of thee, plain and easy, when thou dost not expect or look for it; it will meet thee, waking, sleeping, sailing, travelling, by night, by day, when thou speakest, and when thou keepest silence.

134. For there is nothing which is not the Image of God.

135. And yet thou sayest, God is invisible, but be advised, for who is more manifest than He.

136. For therefore hath he made all things, that thou by all things mayest see him.

137. This is the Good of God, this is his Virtue, to appear, and to be seen in all things.

138. There is nothing invisible, no, not of those things that are incorporeal.

139. The Mind is seen in Understanding, and God is seen in doing or making.

140. Let these things thus far forth, be made manifest unto thee, O Trismegistus.

141. Understand in like manner, all other things by thy self, and thou shalt not be deceived.


Edgar Cayce Readings on Vibrations

- (Everything vibrates) life is vibration. So is mind. So is matter.
- Electricity or vibration is that same energy, same power, ye call God.
- All forces vibration, as all comes from one central vibration - taking different form
-1299-1 And as the electrical vibrations are given, know that Life itself, to be sure, is the Creative Force or God, yet its manifestations in man are electrical or vibratory.
- Electricity is God in Action! Seeing this, feeling this, knowing this, ye will find that not only does the body become revivified, but by the creating in every atom of its being the knowledge of the activity of this Creative Force or Principle as related to spirit, mind, body, all three are renewed.
- They that have wisdom are great, they that have understanding as to the manner to apply same for the good of self and others - are in the awareness of the kingdom.
- We each have our own vibrations, and vibrate at our own rate.
- Vibrations vary in intensity within each person and from person to person, depending upon the experiences being manifested.
- We are attuned to our own vibrations - this attunement is acted upon or varied by the forces surrounding or within us.
- Where our experiences are spiritual, our vibration rate is high.
- It would seem that vibrations act as a cohesive agent in all nature - holding things together - as all force is vibration.
- No matter whether a force which is manifested be for good or evil, it emanates from one source.

"The unseen forces are greater than the seen" Edgar Cayce

"Electricity or vibration is that same energy, same power, ye call God. " Edgar Cayce

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