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Considering all the topics here recently on NDE, Afterlife, God, etc.etc., I thought some might find the following debate on these subjects of interest. Gave me alot to think about and I certainly want one of those parrots! :)

Little lengthy read, but found it worth my time.


Michael Shermer," Afterlife, and the Meaning of Life” to which Deepak Chopra replies with his essay “Taking the Afterlife Seriously.”
(web exclusive, January 2007)

The following debate between Deepak Chopra and Michael Shermer came about after the widely read and referenced debate the two had last year on the virtues and value of skepticism. Deepak has a new book out on the subject, Life After Death: The Burden of Proof (Harmony, 2006 ISBN 0307345785), and Michael has written extensively about claims of evidence for the afterlife, so the two of them thought it would be stimulating to have, so the two of them thought it would be stimulating to have a debate on the topic. Michael read Deepak’s book and goes first in the debate, offering his assessment of the “proofs” presented in Deepak’s book, then Deepak responds.

Please note: when the link opens just scroll down and you will run into the articles. No need to click on anything you first see in the left side bar.


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