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Richard Fusniak wrote:
> For goodness sake - get it into your head David that the
> material world is essential for spiritual progress. Deny it
> as much as you like but you cannot cheat the law of cause and
> effect. You are living for on this planet to learn whether
> you like it or not.

I'm not denying it, but I'm saying there's an alternative and that alternative is more real than the physical plane. Sure the physical plane is necessary for progress, but how did it come to that? Who created the physical plane? Us, in conjuction with Universal Mind. Just as we did the astral. We went for the ultimate in separation and lower consciousness. With our apparent free will, we continue to create karmic bonds with the physical plane and the astral. And in the case of the physical, we lose the memory of the truth about it when we are born. In order to break this cycle we must discontinue the "cause" part of cause and effect. And that is possible, and that's what I'm trying say--that there is a way to rise above Cause, just as there is a way to get out of credit card debt, and that "way" is the most worthwhile thing anyone can be doing. We can't free anyone until we ourselves are free.

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