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Hi PriorityRed

I think that there is a fine line between the pressures from society which is always saying in the media be thinner, have great clothes and look like a cat walk model (sigh, being an hour glass that is really out of the question!) and a feeling of taking care of yourself.

I like to look good but it is not an obsession and I am too much of a tomboy to spend hours in front of the mirror! However saying that, when things start to go South I will think about plastic surgery in the same way as I look at getting a manicure or a wax - although it is a lot more painful and expensive - although have you ever had a wax???? :-)

Interestingly this is linked to how I feel about myself internally if that makes sense. The more I like me the better I look after myself and when I have a bad patch, it all goes to pot. So for me the inner reflects the outer but people are different. I know one friend of mine who is the other way - the worse she feels about herself the thinner she gets and the more obssessed she is with her appearance. I had another friend who was completely insecure about the size of her nose and so had a nose job. You know what? Hardly anyone noticed as we looked at her rather than her nose but she was a much more confident, bubbly person for having it done and we were pleased that she was.

There is a fine line with this form of "love thy self" and vanity and its a hard one to walk. I would also suggest that half of beauty is about how someone projects themselves e.g. Humphrey Bogart was an ugly so and so but very dishy!

In conclusion I suppose I think that beauty comes from inside in a meriad of different ways; I think that there is way to much scoiety pressure to conform to accepted versions of beauty but I would also look at plastic surgery within limits as just another tool to keep up my own personal standards as I age. But hey - each to their own.

Just me two cents worth being a girlie :-)

Kind regards


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