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Once again, have to agree. I am myself in a profession in which I have to help and feel empathy on a daily basis, and if I do not feel good from the inside to the outside, I am not able to do that efficiently.

The thing I would like to ask everyone: It is common to judge people who are born with good looks that their appearance is not a positive attribute since they don't have anything to do with having it, it is something they are just lucky to have. But if you think about it, doesn't the same go for intelligence, which is considered an attribute that a "good" person has? Also that is based on genetics, just like good looks. So couldn't both sides be considered a blessing in a way, something that should be used to promote good and beauty around us?

And furthermore, couldn't taking care of your appearance be considered a favour to others? At least I do feel uplifted whenever I meet someone who is BOTH caring and beautiful.

And as for the teenagers who have breast-augmentation done, there the responsibility should be the surgeons. There should be more ethics inside that profession.


P.S. David, do not know about the little girl in the well, since I am not from USA, but suppose that is a good example of your point.

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