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"The physical plane is a mistake--the result of mistakes"

"And here we have people talking as if old age is some "natural" process that we should be happy to go through... I disagree..."

David, you really need to get real. Stop looking for excuses to get of this planet which you detest.


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Re: Oh The Irony! 203 David L 22-Mar-04 23:15
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Re: Oh The Irony! 198 David L 23-Mar-04 15:36
Re: Oh The Irony! 193 Richard Fusniak 23-Mar-04 18:39
Re: Oh The Irony! 194 David L 23-Mar-04 22:54
Re: Oh The Irony! 158 Valkyrie 22-Mar-04 19:06
Vouching for vanity 199 Jergat 22-Mar-04 19:06
Re: Vouching for vanity 200 David L 22-Mar-04 23:32
Re: Vouching for vanity 163 Valkyrie 23-Mar-04 08:29
Here's the problem 172 Richard Fusniak 22-Mar-04 18:30
Re: Here's the problem 195 David L 22-Mar-04 23:42
Re: Here's the problem 186 Richard Fusniak 23-Mar-04 01:42
Re: Here's the problem 175 David L 23-Mar-04 01:48
Re: Reality Shows Promoting Cosmetic Surgery 190 smetters 23-Mar-04 18:28
Re: Reality Shows Promoting Cosmetic Surgery 236 Aarooga 26-Mar-04 15:05
Re: Reality Shows Promoting Cosmetic Surgery 347 Archietype 26-Mar-04 18:14

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