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Richard Fusniak wrote:
> Why should you worry, David? Your out of your body
> (literally) half the time, LOL.

I'm NOT worried. And I wish I were able to get out of my body more often... Unfortunately, I don't control that...come to think of it, I'm sure that's why I'm NOT in control of it yet. I like it too much...

> Cosmetic surgery/technology puts pressure on the insecure and
> those who can least afford it.

How does it put pressure on anyone? If you can afford it, and you feel you want to look better, you do it. I'm not saying you should spend the rent money or the kids school tuition on surgery... Rather than pressure, it provides an option, a choice--like any choice. For some, it might be a BMW M3 convertable... Whatever makes one feel good... Because when you feel good about yourself you are in the best possible position to help someone else.
If a time comes when I feel I need cosmetic surgery, I'll get it--if I can afford it--and I won't feel the least bit guilty about it. Guilt is one of biggest hindrances on the spiritual path, IMO... Puritanical, rigid thinking...

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