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> I think there's a big difference between mutilating one's
> physical temple and dressing in sackcloth.

Mutilating? What do you call aging? If that's not mutilation, I don't what is.
> > I don't advocate a spiritual path of renunciation. That path
> > doesn't work.
> > We don't rise above the ego by suppressing it. Looking old
> > and wrinkled isn't gaining anyone spiritual liberation, and
> > in fact it may cause them to dislike thenmselves, even hate
> > themselves and that is counter-productive to spiritual
> > progress.
> This is, however, caused by the rift in the societal
> perceptions of what is important to one's inner being and
> that is skewed by this vanity. You're coming dangerously
> close to vouching for vanity; since it is not affecting you
> personally, it's not an issue. Usually this is an indication
> of selfeshness. We need to care for our fellows, not turn a
> blind eye to whatever their wont.

Don't you think it's possible to take care of yourself AND love others? What's stopping you? Like I said--if you can't love yourself you are not ready to love others..and I don't mean your partner or family...I mean all people.

> Before we can truly love people, we need to love
> > ourselves and forgive ourselves. Not be narcissistic--that's
> > not love, it's obsession.
> Huh? Wow, are you not just the most confused individual I've
> ever seen here. You advocate the epitome of narcissism and
> then condemn it.
> Strange.
> > I'm not saying that everyone should have surgery. People
> > should do what works for them, what is needed for their
> > public life, their work, and what makes them feel good. And
> > other people shouldn't judge them for it.
> > David
> Again, that mentality is constistant with having an uncaring
> spirit. I'm also not talking about the overbearing or preachy
> and condescending manner in which one goes about explaining
> the problems with vanity. Inner beauty is what counts here
> and just because you believe that people should or can be
> happier inward through outward augmentation does not mean it
> is the correct way of achieving enlightenment (on the
> contrary, actually)
> Jeremy

Who are you to say that someone is uncaring? Someone you never met?
You sound judgemental and narrow-minded... What people do with their money is their business and none of yours.
Have you considered that there are professions in which one needs to look good in order to help people? In order to be effective? Don't be so narrow-minded...

I didn't say surgery was the way to enlightenment. I said we have to love ourselves. Have you ever studied psychology? If you did, you would know that--it's basic... Love yourself, forgive yourself. Aging is unnatural. This world is unnatural. It's a sewer. The people who are happy in this world are happy like rats in a sewer are happy...because they don't know any better. They are blind to their condition. The only true natural state is the state of God-realization. So while we are on the way to that, let's look good while we're doing it.

And if you doubt what I'm saying, ask a good psychologist, a good therapist--someone who's been educated along these lines. They will tell you what I'm telling you.

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