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Valkyrie wrote:
> I just have to smile...David, your reply surprised the hell
> out of me, too, but in a way positively. You never cease to
> amaze! And I do have to say that I agree with your point in
> some ways. Having cosmetic surgery done doesn't hurt anyone
> except for possibly yourself. But don't you think there is
> the risk of getting caught up in wrong things? The more you
> focus on the external (ie. the way you look or the kind of
> car you drive), the less you have energy to concentrate on
> the right things. I do not say that it hinders your spiritual
> development, but maybe slows it? And the more you like your
> looks, the more difficulties you will have in letting your
> earthly manifestation go.
> Anyway, a refreshing reply!

What you are saying can be true with some people who are ego-driven--I won't disagree. But the people I know who have had this do not have that problem, and are among the most selfless people I've ever met.
Look at it this you know what your inner manifestation is? I doubt it... However beautiful you are on the outside, you are even more beautiful and younger looking inside. What is wrong with looking like that all the time? How can it be bad? Is beauty bad? I mean think about it...
Old age is a perversion of Reality. The physical plane is a mistake--the result of mistakes, the result of bad choices, the "fall", the separation from the Source... WQhat's good about that? And here we have people talking as if old age is some "natural" process that we should be happy to go through... I disagree... I don't say we should hang on to physical life, but to say that the gradual destruction of beauty is a natural thing is plain wrong. In a high age, you would be beautiful for a 1000 years... That's the way it once was and will be again.
Did you see The Matrix? That's how easy it is for people to become accustomed to any distortion, any slavery--even to the point of calling it good and natural...because they have forgotton who they really are.

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