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PriorityRed wrote:
> You're the last person I'd expect on this board to condone
> cosmetic surgery for beautification purposes, David! Aren't
> you the one who talks about karma and all that? Well, while
> I'm not a spiritual person, wouldn't someone who IS spiritual
> think of body modification as being damaging to the soul or
> your chance for a happy, and peaceful afterlife? In other
> words, your vanity could doom your karma! Just wondering...

If I thought it was damaging to the soul I wouldn't have replied as I did. How is it damaging? Is it damaging to wear nice clothes or drive a nice car?
Or stay in a nice hotel? Or work on our golf game? Are we supposed to walk around in sack cloth and ashes flaggellating ourselves for our sins?
I don't advocate a spiritual path of renunciation. That path doesn't work.
We don't rise above the ego by suppressing it. Looking old and wrinkled isn't gaining anyone spiritual liberation, and in fact it may cause them to dislike thenmselves, even hate themselves and that is counter-productive to spiritual progress. Before we can truly love people, we need to love ourselves and forgive ourselves. Not be narcissistic--that's not love, it's obsession.
I'm not saying that everyone should have surgery. People should do what works for them, what is needed for their public life, their work, and what makes them feel good. And other people shouldn't judge them for it.

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