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Have you guys seen those makeover reality programs where the participants are given plastic surgery to look 'better'? There seem to be even more such makeover programs on the way. I read an article in a paper that there was one show where people will have plastic surgery to LOOK like their favorite celebrities. And I just saw on TV another show that will take a bunch of 'plain' looking people, give them plastic surgery, so they can be entered into some beauty contest.

Personally, I believe that our society is heading down the WRONG path when such programs are being aired. In the most radical of cases, such as scarring from an accident, or deformities from birth, I do think plastic surgery is a welcome option if it gives the person peace of mind. But if the problem is that you don't exercise and so you've got too much flab on you, and your nose is a little too big for your liking, using plastic surgery to fix yourself is plain wrong.

What do you guys think? Are we sinking to a new low when we let shows that propose plastic surgery as the only option to looking and feeling better about yourself to masquerade as entertainment or reality tv?

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