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Hi all

There have been several cases on our Message Boards, recently, where Posters have copied lengthy Articles from other Web Sites, and pasted them Verbatum here.

We have to say that this practice is a No No here.


Well, it's for more than one reason. In fact, there are two main ones:

Copyright and Bandwidth.

Let's address the first, Copyright. There's just no telling when there might be an instance of another Web Site taking umbrage to their content being copied and reproduced, verbatum, elsewere.

So, please first double check Copy Right conditions on any web site.
Though, note that "fair usage" does normally include employing the first paragraph of an Article.

(And please note that we are not a duplicate storage library for stuff that is already elsewhere on the net )

Secondly. Bandwidth:

One large text posting that has been copied and pasted from elsewhere may not have much of a singular effect on our web site's bandwidth delivery. However, numerous such postings may have a significant combined impact on our ability to deliver data packet requests. (We obviously monitor for this).

So, please try to avoid copying and pasting lengthy texts in their entirety.


Basically, pasting the intial paragraph only from a Web Article should suffice to get your main point across, together with posting a Link to the full article - plus your own words or thesis, of course.

Hope this all makes sense.

Best regards

On Behalf of The Moderators

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