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Valkyrie wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Was reading through Heavens Mirror once more, and something
> got me thinking. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead there is
> written in the words of an initiate: "I am the Bennu bird,
> and upon earth shall come forth again".
> The general idea has been that the Bennu bird, as the
> phoenix, represents the soul in its initiated form, its
> "final form". But doesn't this passage clearly state that the
> Bennu bird is a soul who still has to return to earth instead
> of beeing freed from the cycle of life?

The Bennu bird may represent God in human form, who comes again and again to take those souls Home who are ready. This is what Isis and Osiris did. They were not a "one incarnation" show, so to least Isis wasn't.
Another interpretation could be the way that the creation cycles through many ages, is eventually destroyed or absorbed, and then reborn anew.

Also, the Egyptian Book of the Dead is a very distorted text, deviant from the inner teachings as they were originally given by the teachers who preceded the ancient Egyptians. Many thousands of years passed from the "old days" down to days of the AE's. The AE were a fallen people, relatively speaking, obsessed with preserving the physical body (always a bad sign), owning slaves, keeping the teachings--such as they were--guarded by an elite priesthood, etc. I don't recommend trying to discern the "real Truth" by using the Book of the Dead. It's very confusing, because it was written by a confused people suffering from amnesia and long-term separation from Truth.

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